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44 years after Waterloo

Gepubliceerd op 18 april 2018
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About the songs


Which song is described best by the word ...? And why?

I made some riddles about the songs. In these articles I describe why I choose this keyword. Each article describes one particular song without mentioning the title of the song I refer to. I think they are easy to guess. Click on the words at the right under Songs and find out.




About the secrets


There is not just one secret. There are many secrets in ABBA. It is hard to say “What is so good about ABBA?” ABBA is so special. They are not good because of one thing. The singing of the girls is special, but ABBA is good in more ways. “How much time do you have?” would be an appropriate counter-question if someone asks me. I cannot tell you in five minutes. I may not be able to tell you in one hour.


What was the magic of ABBA? How did they manage to create songs that always sounded new and different, but later on sounded so familiar as if the melodies had existed for ages? How is it possible that ABBA-songs never bore, not even after so many years? What made them so successful? What was their secret?


Click on the words at the right under Secrets and find out. These articles are my attempt to explain, it’s a tribute to ABBA and an explanation. This is why they were so hugely successful, what made them so good, this is their secret, this is:

ABBA the Secret!




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