Instrumental accompaniment

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Listening to ABBA is listening to an orchestra. ABBA is more than songs, in ABBA the instruments are very important. This might be obvious in other genres, try to perform a rock 'n' roll number without the band! To ABBA’s genre this was not obvious at all. The genre ABBA choose is often referred to as middle of the road. In middle of the road songs most artists regarded instruments as devices to cheer up the singer, nothing more so it seems. How different is ABBA! Sit and listen and try not to hear the voices. You’ll hear an orchestra, so extensive, it actually can perform the concert without singers. In many songs the second verse is instrumentally accompanied quite differently than the first, that’s one part of the secret of ABBA. It varies and varies, it fascinates and fascinates.


Listen to The Album and hear the composition of each verse and chorus. Try to find the differences between them. It is so marvelous to experience that no two verses are sounding equal. The additives and differences are subtile, but they are the flavours because of which you’ll never get bored, no matter how often you hear them.


In other ABBA-songs rather striking differences are composed, for instance in The winner takes it all. In this song all verses and chorusses are completely different, but even more they are graced with all kinds of subtile ad libs.

ABBA is an orchestra, that will never bore you.



Of course there is more to tell about ABBA. The next article will appear on march 1st, 2015.

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