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Sound mix

Gepubliceerd op 30 juni 2015
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ABBA sounds most beautiful if you hear it from a very good stereo system. Then the orchestrality, the fullness, sounds as it was meant. Actually this counts for a symphony orchestra as well, if you don’t have a decent stereo, you’ll miss half of the music. The other day I was ill and forced to stay in bed. I listened to a small transistor radio. After a while an ABBA-song was broadcasted, Voulez-Vous, and it sounded so marvellous. Then I thought: that’s the secret of ABBA, making it sound very good on a transistor radio as well. It’s a matter of mixing the tracks. Through a small radio a giant orchestra will sound as one blurry mass. ABBA-songs are mixed in a way, that not every part is loud. Of course there are main tracks, subtracks, and subsubtracks which are even gentler. It is so to speak a mountain of sounds, from very gentle till loud, and this mountain is built up in a way, that it never gets a blur, not even when your sound system has limited capacities. I have to state this is not an ABBA-invention, other artists paved the streets before them. But it definitely is something they were very keen on, if they had recorded a song, they used to copy it to a cassette tape and took it to the garage beneath the studio, to listen how it would sound from a car radio. ABBA always sounds smooth, it never gets a blur, no matter what quality the sound system is you’re listening to. That’s the secret of ABBA.




Still there is more to tell about ABBA. The next secret will appear on august 1st, 2015.

© 2015 Reinhard Beskers

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