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The times of ABBA were the years that artists wore true stage costumes. Clothing was a part of the show and the clothing was specially designed to wear on stage. Those clothes were not to be weared in normal daily life. It makes sense, there are working clothes, house clothes, clothes for going out, etcetera. The working clothes for artists were striking costumes, often with a lot of glim and glitter. I don’t understand why artists wear boring costumes today, the clothes on stage nowadays are so normal, you would wear it at any occasion. Fashion in the seventies was outrageous, striking colours, wide trouser legs, high heels, long hems, exuberant hair. With the fashion in the street being rather extraordinary, being on stage everyting was even more extreme. And we watched it regarding it as a show, but nonetheless as a normal part of the show. It was fun.

When ABBA showed up at the eurovision songcontest in 1974, the festival still was a night of tuxedo’s and gala dresses. ABBA wanted to strike all the decent costumes by being different. It was part of their act, bringing popmusic to the songcontest. ABBA was pop and pop meant glitter and glamour. They were different and they won.

ABBA payed a lot of attention to their outfit, especially in later years. Their designer created many marvellous and sometimes outrageous costumes. Gathering all their costumes in the ten years they were on stage, ABBA could walk the catwalk for hours.



Still there is more to tell about ABBA. The next secret will appear on september 1st, 2015.

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