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Gepubliceerd op 01 september 2015
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You may not expect that I regard the clips as a secret too. But they were. Actually with the outrageous costumes they wore, you could say there was no need to make video clips! Every country had its own television program for popmusic, in which songs from the charts were broadcasted. We sat watching the artists performing their songs, that was how popmusic looked in those days. Popmusic looked so much nicer than it was in the sixties. Much more colour, much more outrageous, much more show. Artists travelled along to visit all those pop programs to show up to their fans. And if the artist wasn’t available, they created some ballet performance to accompany the music. ABBA made up the idea to make little movies to deliver to broadcasting stations, in order not to be obligatory to show up in all places. At first the clips (although it was later in the eighties when the word ‘clip’ was used for the first time) were nothing special, only the four singing and playing music. Nevertheless the clips must have contributed to their popularity, because from the start ABBA was an international group, who therefor had to serve a lot of countries. From Fernando on the clips became more and more real video clips as we know them today. In Fernando they were not standing on stage, but sat together with a guitar by a camp fire. In Knowing Me, Knowing You Agnetha and Frida walked in the snow. The clips became more modern and the last one - The Day Before You cam - to me is fantastic.



Still there is more to tell about ABBA. The next secret will appear on october 1st, 2015.

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