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The marketing

Gepubliceerd op 01 oktober 2015
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The new ABBA single always was an exciting experience. How good would it be? The tension grew high and I think ABBA built up the tension carefully and on purpose. Weeks before it was anounced that a new single would be released and several times it occurred that the release date was shifted, making the fans very impatient. Dancing Queen for instance was showed to the World at the marriage of the Swedish king in 1976 and ABBA planned to release the song not before the new album (Arrival) was finished. The pressure of the media became so high, they had to return that decision. You can’t have better advertising than that, so Dancing Queen was released previous to their original planning. It seems to be a marketing strategy to warm up the market and then launche a single exactly at the right moment, in a way following the market. They always had a special combination of being a trendsetter and being a trendfollower.

ABBA always had a strong feeling of marketing, also after they stopped. In the nineties ABBA seemed to be completely forgotten, it would have been useless to edit a new CD. But at the end of the nineties a revival was slowly creeping and ABBA made profit out of it to release a CD: ‘25 years after Waterloo’. With this the revival grew further, the one reinforced the other. Eventually this revival led to the musical Mamma Mia and an ongoing real ABBA-madness. Again ABBA proved to possess an enormous feeling of marketing, even more they proved to be a trendsetter as well as a trendfollower. The concept of creating a new story out of existing repertoire was original. They were trendfollower because the release of the musical coincided the ABBA-revial, they were trendsetter because the concept of making a musical from existing songs was imitated by many. Again ABBA was the most original band in the world.



Still there is more to tell about ABBA. The last secret will appear on november 1st, 2015.

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