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Gepubliceerd op 31 oktober 2015
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Put four young talented ambitious people together and something beautiful will be created. All four of them were so talented, that they had succesful careers. The ladies had solo singing careers, the guys played a key role in different bands. They had a same sort of function, the musical motor of the band. They were so succesful in Sweden that it wasn’t logical at all to form a band with the four of them. They had their own careers and it took years to get the idea of forming a band togeter. But when they did, they were the perfectionists like they were before. When you listen to their music, you hear the perfectionism. In singing, in chorals, in orchestra, in everything. The secret of ABBA in one word is their perfectionism. An occasional listener might get the impression that their power is the massive orchestra and the sound technique. That impression would be a mistake. At the end of one of the many documentaries there is a serene performance of Thank you for the music. The four of them singing with only piano and guitar, no orchestra. And even so it sounds thrilling. It’s the emotion, it’s their amazing musical competence. They used technique, but they didn’t need it. Even without technique they are wonderful, they are real artists.
The funny thing is that no one brought them together. They met and even more, they fell in love. Agetha with Björn, Frida with Benny. It’s like a fairy tale and nobody planned it to be that way. It’s the combination of four talented perfectionists together that brought them succes, it was amazing but in a way a logical result. The fact that four talented perfectionists did come together was actually more amazing. Was it all pure coincidence?




This was the last secret of ABBA. Read 'The End' next month. To appear on december 1st, 2015. What song is best described by 'The End'?

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